Rehearsal peek: Give me 5 things!

We often answer questions at the show that go as follows:

“But none of this is planned, right?”
“Nope, it’s made up right there!”
“But you do rehearse, right?”
“Oh, yeah.. we do!”

And to prove it, we’ll be posting some sneak peeks at rehearsals once in a while. This week, we did some extensive spontaneity training. What is that you say – you also wanna train your spontaneity? Read on!

Here is the effective and fun game spontaneity game called: 5 things

  1. Get a friend to partner up with
  2. Person A comes up with a random topic, let’s say “cardboard”
  3. A asks B: “Tell me 5 things that should not be made out of cardboard”
  4. B, as quickly as possible, counts off 5 things that fit that description, while A keeps count by loudly shouting the count after each item.
    The 5 things DO NOT have to be funny, but they DO HAVE to come in quick succession. A can enforce this by keeping a loose rhythm on the count: e.g. if A takes too much time for item number 3, B will yell out “3!”, making it time for number 4.
  5. Switch roles, repeat

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