Warmups, baby.

Current cast

Alex Seeholzer

Alex has a PhD in Neuroscience and now fights daily
battles with genomics and IT. He is a lively and energetic fellow, whose inclination towards the nonsensical
tends not to get in his way too much.

Amy Carroll

As a communication coach & trainer, Amy
uses the power of improv to get people to play nice with each other. As a member of Catcave9 and science
enthusiast (read non scientist) Amy delights in the power of improv to engage and entertain others.

Ann-Kristin Hov

Gustavo Ruiz

Gustavo strives to improve human health through data
science in translational biomedical research. He loves improv, drag queens, and Rafael Nadal.

Hedwig Ens

wants to make science open and accessible for all through the power of (improv) stories. She also happens to
be fascinated by parasitic wasps, but that hasn’t led her anywhere (yet).

Shahin Tavakoli

Yuliy Schwartzburg

Yuliy completed his PhD in Computer Science at EPFL and
is now founding a company called Rayform right here in Lausanne. He likes improv and podcasts, also some

Previous cast & frequent guests

Adria Le Boeuf

With a PhD in neuroscience and biophysics from The Rockefeller University, Adria is now using ant colonies to study emergent decision-making in social networks at the University of Lausanne. Adria is passionate about spreading the beauty of science and improving critical thinking worldwide in any way possible.

Charles Mullon

Charles enjoys answering biological problems using equations and computers. After a phd looking at how and why male and female are different, he now studies how evolution can lead to people being nicer to each other. With theater, he has finally found a good excuse to make a fool out of himself.

Daisy Hessenberger

Starry eyed student turned evolutionary geneticist turned bioinformatician turned catalyser. As a scientist Daisy spent her days watching algae have sex (why on earth do they do that?) and wondering what defines us. Now she wonders how to define characters and mimed objects herself.

Dane Corneil

Dane is doing his PhD in computational neuroscience, a field where scientists try to understand how the brain performs complex tasks like updating a Facebook status. In his spare time, he works on a scientific talk search engine ( and writes short bios about himself.

Elliott Williams

When not obnoxiously taking selfies in the mountains, or duly navigating the scientific publishing seas, Elliott can be found practising his wit, cuts and “yes, and”s in preparation for the next show.

Friederike Bienert

Rike is a wandering biologist. She started studying Cannabis, pulled over to become a professional snake wrestler and is now spying on Orangutans in the bornean jungle. Theatre is the perfect tool to share her passion on animal and plant communication with the public.

Kathrin Garschall

Mark Venning-Slater

Although his Masters in Microbiology and his theatre degree may seem mutually exclusive, Mark hopes to be able to use the two in order to communicate science to a wide audience. He has a passion for finding those ‘real’ moments in a performance that cannot be scripted.

Patrick Burch

After Patrick defended his PhD in chemistry, obtained from the University of Basel, he told everyone that he will do a fancy postdoc in the US and learn all there is about surface functionalization. Luckily, he knew already most of it, so he had time the learn some things about improv comedy, mostly at Pan theater in Oakland.

Robbie l’Anson Price

Dancing bees bitches, dancing bees! Robbie can be rented out for evenings and weekends – for what? For fun.

Previous & recurring staff

Elsa Guillot | Booking

“Thou shalt not pass!” – unlest thou bookest thine seats with Elsa.

Roberto Fraile | Sound

If it sounds great, it was Roberto. If it doesn’t, it wasn’t Roberto.

Roel Bevers | Tech Management

Perched on a lonely lookout, our engineer of photonic emission illuminates us all.