CC9E05: Evolution, Femga & Pogo stick crackdowns

In the CC9 science guest spot: Christian Riegel from CERN
In the CC9 science guest spot: Christian Riegel from CERN

One hour away from CERN, in Lausanne, deep inside the underground Cinéma Oblò, our eight Catalyzers set themselves on a direct collision course with comedy, guided by MC Yuliy Schwarzburg and the audience.

As a result, some of us ended up acting their way to Jupiter, enforcing the law by cracking down on gangs of pogo stick punks, or tumbling their way towards convergent evolution. We even had a celebrity cameo by Beyoncé at a police station (don’t tell, she was there incognito), and sadly met Minnie Mouse at a wake.

Our science guest speaker was Christian Riegel from CERN ATLAS ID who talked about coercing state of the art particle sensors into disintegrating in the name of science. His energetic talk led the Catalysers to seek solace in silence and explore gender superposition by means of yoga in the form of Broga and, you saw it here first, Femga. Be sure to check out Christian’s improv group: Shark Pockets!

Sadly, all these characters and stories vanish from the stage at the end of the show, never to be seen again. But don’t be afraid, we will conduct new high energy improv experiments in our next show on Thursday 23 June!

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