CC9E10: Burgerinsurance, and a harpful Christmas tale

In the CatCave9 science guest-spot: Lianne Gonsalves from the WHO

Holy Cow! Hosted by “Santa Cruz” Gustavo, our Catalyzer milked the X-mas suggestions right of our full house audience, for the last CatCave9 of 2016.

And what a zoo emerged! We had cows, ponies, weak-lings, laughing rats, Australian kangaroos (finally! not the NZ ones of CC9E09). Some of these were milked, some were tickled, some were spotted, and some never gave up hope that Bavaria still remains in the south of Germany.

Our science speaker Lianne Gonsalves joined us from the WHO. Lianne, shared with us her studies on the sobering topic of teenage access to contraception and its implications on risky sexual behaviour. The CatCavers must have been hungrier than expceted, since this was used as inspiration to take us to a world where McDonalds truly has it all (including insurance), an ID is needed to get fries at your local fast food restaurant, and Holy Cow finally succumbs to a hostile takeover.

For our X-Mas special, our very own Hedwig accompanied the a Christmas Longform with her magical harp, bringing the scenes, the year, and with this CatCave9’s first season to a glorious end with a tale of an overzealous gardener.

Join us for our next show on 19 January if you don’t want to miss The Best Comedy English Improv Show at Cinema Oblo (with a live harp in it) in 2017. No need to feed the animals nor the improvisers, but beer will be as always available at unbeatable rates. Merry X-mas and a happy new year!


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