CatCave9 S02E01: Extremely close, incredibly far, utterly fun.

In the Science Guestspot: Linda Simmler from UniGe

This season opener warmed us up thoroughly: in a fully sold out Cinéma Oblò and with the largest cast of Catalyzers ever, we all quickly forgot about the -8 degrees outside. Our charming, yet strict MC Patrick directed us through two the first two hours of CatCave9.

And our lovely audience quickly discovered, to their delight, that is was going to be one full of audience interaction! This led us quickly to observing a Christmas dinner in Transylvania, during which sister-in-law Rosie went on astral travels. The mayor of Lausanne was surprised to see the Mayor of Geneva pay him a visit in full pirate dress. And we discovered that grandma had gotten herself pregnant, yet again.

Our science speaker Linda Simmler joined us from the Lab of Synapses, Circuits, and Behavior in Addiction at University of Geneva to tell us about optogenetics experiments for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive-disorder model mice. Our Catalysers embarked on a moving piece about the different notions of closeness in relationships, families and how to overcome them. It turned out that light can help out with these issues too. And who wouldn’t want to have a partner-toiletseat installed in their home?

Finally, our cast retold a very well known fairy-tale: Rumpelstilz.. Rumbellshteels.. Yes. Thank god our audience member didn’t really recall it as well as she thought, which made this a memorable venture through a world of schnitzel-mini-sweaters, gnome-like persons, and hunting for foxes. Oh, there wasn’t any “happily ever after”, as instructed.

Missed it? Don’t be sad and join us for our next show on 15 February (its Wednesday special) in Cinema Oblo. If the Mayor of Geneva has not annexed Lausanne by then, that is.

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