Two years of CatCave9: What happened during and after Covid19

Covid19 came, then Covid19 came. And here we are, boom, almost 3 years and two seasons of CatCave9 later. Just if you didn’t know: CatCave9 is going strong. Just try and get a ticket on the show-week, you’ll see (yes, please, pre-order your tickets early).

Somehow it turns out that this site wasn’t really updated too much. So, for the sake of recording history that mostly happened on our Facebook Group, here is what happened the last two years in the cave of the cats.

But hold a second.

Before we go into the details of a history lesson, let us just state the following very important facts: We’re still here after 8 years of doing this show. And we could not be here today, and still be able to continue doing this, if it weren’t for two things:
First, and foremost: you, our audience. You come every month, you laugh with us, you cry with us, and you make us want to do it again, as soon as possible. We’re immensely grateful for your attendance, and your loyalty, over the years. Thank you for your humor, and for sticking with us 💖
Second, all of the staff that helped and helps making this show happen. That is, on a voluntary basis – none of us are professionals, and none of us get paid for doing shows. We all have busy lives, but we all love this too much to not do it. And this is not just people you see on stage — this also includes sound, light, bar, door, and the work involved in event planning. Thank you for your persistence and dedication 💖

Wiping the tear away, let’s dig into it.

2020 / Season 5: CatCave9 goes Covid19

S05E01 & S05E0 on Jan-Feb 2020: both happened and we were all looking forward optimistically to a full fifth year of shows

S05E03 almost on 19.03.2020: Was scheduled and highly debated in the troupe, whether it would be ethical to actually perform in face of a rising pandemic. Thankfully the Federation took that decision out our hands and locked down events in Vaud (and all of Switzerland) on 13 March 2020. No show on the 19.03.2020, sad CatCave 😿

Between two waves on 25.06.2020: No Zach, and no Ferns, but our cast plus the extended Catalyst drop-in crew came to a summer improv jam in the Parc de Mon Repos

2021 / Season 6: CatCave9 comes out of lockdown, yawns, then proceeds to fill the Oblo 3 times

On that day, he sacrificed his scientific career for that of an ACTOR!

S06E01 on 14.10.2021: Thanks to our persistent cast, we’re back in business after an outage of 1.5 years! Feels good to be back on stage!

S06E02 & S06E03 on 11.11.2021 & 02.12.2021: Thanks to our persistent cast, we’re back in business after an outage of 1.5 years! Feels good to be back on stage! We even pulled off a X-Mas show!

Sometimes with mask, sometimes without, but never unvaccinated! Even for X-Mas.

2022 / Season 7: Its a full season, the house was full, and it was beautiful to behold

We love that you’re still booking out the Oblo every month! <3

S07E01-S07E5 on 17.02.2022, 17.03.2022, 21.04.2022, 04.06.2022, 25.06.2022: First half of the year, in the books! Our cast varied, like that one time where we were only 3 people on stage. Or that other, where the sound-guy jumped in to help out in the second half. All of this would have scared the shit out of us a few years back – seems we’re not in season 1 anymore. And we’re all fully vaccinated, so yeah, nothing much can shake these seasoned and immune-updated improvisers.

CatCave9 @ Winging It Geneva on 23.02.2023, with a special called “Tiger Rock Band

S07E06-S07E9 on 22.09.2022, 20.10.2022, 19.11.2022, 15.12.2022: And thats a wrap. We’re officially back in business after a complete half-season without pandemic and masks.

Tiger rock band in session

2023 / Season 8:

With this year we’re back on a regular track, with S08E01 – S08E03 on 18.02.2023, 23.03.2023, 29.04.2023 already down, and several more to go. With two shows this year already falling on a Saturday, we even had the tendency to move more into prime-time showland. Let’s see where the rest of 2023 takes us, for example:

Thursday May 11th: Catalyst@CatCave9 Drop-In Jam Session: in the Cinema Oblo 20h-22h where we can all play improv together!

Thursday June 15th: CatCave9 is back for S08E04

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