As season’s end draws near …

We just wrapped up our final non-dress rehearsal for the season finale tomorrow: it’s CatCave9 Episode 10! I’m proud to say, we’re all extremely excited about the christmas special and the improv presents we’ll unwrap for you on stage on Thursday.

What a voyage this past year has been.

Read it loud!

CatCave9 started in January as a new monthly improv format of The Catalyst, with a fairly classic line-up of short- and longform games evenly distributed throughout the show. Since then I feel the cast has come into their own, and the format has undergone a consistent shift towards a more long-form focused show. In my opinion, we managed to combine in our recent shows a lighthearted style of playing characterized by mutual trust (we do have our backs on stage), while cutting down on excessive visits to crazytown and getting a more steady grip on our narratives.

The CC9 cast (and crew, as a matter of fact) consists wholly of scientists, most still active in research. As such, one of our goals was to communicate science in our shows. We do this often by reflecting on experiences we’ve had and incorporating them into scenes and characters. Besides this, we devised novel formats like The Science Couch and The Science Monologue (our centerpiece – where an invited scientist presents his work, which we then use as inspiration for a ~20 minute theater piece) and made them central points of our show. In these we hope to bring our audience in direct touch with science. But, while our profession forces us to treat science in absolute seriousness during our days, at CatCave9 we often aim at very liberal interpretations – an aspect we thoroughly enjoy, as does our audience (at least we have that impression).

In the name of the CC9 cast and crew, I would like to thank you, our audience. This first year of CatCave9 would not have been possible without your support. As we approach our second, we continue developing the show and exploring new formats. As it is in improv: we’ve got great plans and they are constantly changing.

Thanks for making CC9 possible!
See you tomorrow, and, see you next year.

Managing Director

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