CC9E09: Down, down, down – Zircon & around

In the CatCave9 science guest-spot: Tanya Ewing from the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment @ UNIL

If we could legally cram more people in, trust us, we would: once again Lausanne’s Cinéma Oblò found itself fully booked, as our lovely audience streamed in on Thursday night to see our 8 Catalyzers delve into some science-improv acrobatics.

Led by Rob-Bee the MC, we discovered that rooftops can be quite luxurious places but do not prevent suicidal thoughts, that you should carefully plan clowns at your Grandma’s funeral, and that 3 kisses are often better than one. After our Catalyzers ballet-danced a perfect double helix (and also absolutely no recent political event), we witnessed how a new prime-number discovered in China upset Karl Lagerfeld, and how CRISPR-design is practically used to design your unborn infant.

Tanya Ewing from the Faculty of Geosciences and Environment at UNIL was in our science guest-spot this time and took us down, down, down into the earth, and then back up again. Lead-uranium based dating of Zircon inspired our Catalyzers to discover that Zircon is in fact neither a mineral nor Geo-Chemistry’s idea of a superhero, but simply senior staff that recently “Metamorphasized” his way back into the upper levels of management. Good old Zircon, and his continuous infusion of floor 93 with those – oh so fragrant (“Smell this!”) – upper arms. We’ll miss him when he takes the dreaded elevator back down.

After many a “Fuck-Yeah”, we found ourselves in New Zealand for our final long-form, where the new tourist initiative led by a cheating PM had some very strict rules about the proper use of convertibles. Thanks to our kind audience member “Jean-Paul” we found ourselves in a silent court-room drama. Oh, and if you wondered: sheep dressed up as kangaroos do not fool tourists from the USA.

If you missed us, at least don’t miss next month: the Season finale of CatCave9 is coming your way, for our X-MAS special on December 15!

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