CC9E08: Zombies, full stop errors and Mexican nuns.

In the CatCave9 science guest-spot: Lucia Prieto from the CIG at UNIL

Zombie hordes a little early for Halloween invaded Cinema Oblo on Thursday night. Led by Adria’s ghostly apparition, seven otherworldly Catalyzers didn’t have to raise their corpses far from the underground to satisfy a full house demanding brains and fun – literally.

We were tutored on what kebabs and tombstones are usually made of, how even simple relationship problems can seem very complicated to a therapist. Thanks to the anonymous authors of our pick-up lines we discovered the “Sweet Dreems Theorem”, and that Mars is just N kilometers away. Later we learned how mathematics can turn even sex imaginary, the holy cause behind global warming and how spiders sometimes sacrifice their private parts during intercourse.

Our science speaker Lucia Prieto talked about zombie genes in our heads, which inspired our Catalyzers to perform a play on how especially century old scriptures might be affected by full stop (“period”) transcription errors (“On the first day, god created the universe. But not. Because of the Big Bang.”) and what unhappy Mexican nuns have to do with it.

In our second half, our Catalyzers ventured into the exciting terrain of playing a Harold, which had us witnessing a double double date with the beautiful Tricia Patricia and the fertile Tricia Maria, and the possibly easiest bank robbery in history. Some eloquent convincing of door locks later, we finally discovered the solitary accountant hidden away in the bank vaults.

If you missed your chance, don’t worry, because we will be back, this time fully alive. Switch off that TV, set your phone on silent, get up and leave that couch, and come to the next show on November 17.

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