CC9E07: A baby storm is brewing

In the CatCave9 science guest-spot: Timothy Raupach from the LTE at EPFL

On Thursday 15 September, Cinema Oblo finally gave in to its improv cravings after a long summer abstinence. Six Catalyzers, hosted by Alex, hooked up the multi-generational audience with a dose of their masterful ability of making up stories out of thin air and the audience’s (mostly) well-intended suggestions.

We learned about the study of Systems Love in heated debates, what a dog adulterer is (hint: it involved a cat-dog for which we never found out which end is which), and innovative ways for blowing up Geneva with cheese byproducts.

Our science speaker this time was Timothy Raupach from the Environmental Remote Sensing Laboratory (LTE), who introduced us to the world of rain drop counting, and his own modeling approaches. Our Catalyzers developed the topic a tiny bit further investigating how babies are born from storms, how this can be leveraged by a fathers irate emotions, as well as the immediate implications on timetravel.

In our final longform, the Catalyzers took us on a period drama, set when the famous Lady Burgundy tried to co n Mr Grizzly bear out of all his hard earned money.  It was kind of a love story, only that a grizzly bear is much harder to understand than Hugh Grant.

Want a bigger dose? Join us for the next show on the 20th of October!

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