CC9E04: Grandmothers, Relativity & Self

In the CC9 science guest spot: Roy Salomon from the EPFL

Performing to a roaring full house of Lausannois, seven Catalyzers took Cinema Oblo by The Force, all under the enlightened guidance of MC Charles “Kenobi” Mullon and his crimson kitten heels.

We learned that general relativity could, maybe, should probably be, you know, a bit more specific, and that it is possible to book a carpet holiday to Casablanca. We also had the chance to appreciate good grandmotherly advice, and fantasized with a parallel world in which alligators eat sushi and airport scanners contain drug-detecting dogs. No animals were harmed during the performance, although Mark’s glasses seemed to have a life of their own.

Our science guest spot was Roy Salomon, from the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience at the EPFL, who elucidated how the psychological concept of “self” starts with the body, and what happens when one’s mind refuses to take ownership of the body. This prompted our Catalyzers to break with causality, swap their arms in bad poker hands, and generally find excuses to rub each other.

Sadly, all these laughter-bud-burst causing words and actions are entirely unrepeatable. But fear not, all these ingredients will recombine into something entirely new in our next show on May 19. Bring your safety goggles.


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