CatCave9 S02E08: Fear & loving in Lausanne

In the CC9 Science Guestspot: Rachana Pradhan from EPFL

It is our suspicion that, if allowed, some of our Catalyzers would jump on stage naked. Instead (we have some internal guidelines, addressing clothing on-stage), in our last show they undressed their souls and exposeed their fears in front of a fully sold out Cinema Oblò.

Fears of purgatory were raised. Last attempts at redemption were made, by saving Mauritius from sinking with a Jenga brick, no less. Other strategies involved by exposing, and resolving, mysterious murderous attacks on each other. Our improvisers sang, they danced and they, err… let’s say “spoke” the local tongue on cue, their competence never subsumed by their enthusiasm.

Our science guest-speaker was Rachana Pradhan from the Laboratory of Systems Biology and Genetics at EPFL. Rachana talked to our audience about her advances in the study of the metabolism of fat molecules, asking us to hold off a little bit before eating that easy-come junk food while continues the research that recently awarded her a Ph.D.

Our CatCave9 Journal-Couch is currently on hiatus, so, instead we will be trying to get our science guest to comment on some recent articles:

Next month, the same level of nakedness, the best cheap beer in town, the best underground theatre of Lausanne, and the best English improv show, all converge for your personal entertainment with a pinch of science.

If you didn’t make it, don’t feel bad! Our next show will be after the summer break on Thursday 26th October at Cinema Oblo.

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