Behind the scenes: 6 facts you didn’t know about CatCave9

We will be starting CatCave9’s fall season in a few weeks (Sept. 21st) — about time to give you 6 facts you didn’t know about the cast and the current season’s CatCave9 poster!

#1: Adria’s stole was imitation fur!

We would never, repeat NEVER, buy real fur. So we resorted to a winter jacket with imitation fur that we happened to have on hand, combined with some photoshop magic. You would have never guessed!

#2: Charles’ mustache was real!

Charles was ordered a strict shaving routine, 6 months prior to the shoot, to give you the best possible bad-ass French mustache he could muster. During that period he only ate beef and drank 4 egg yolks before sleeping.

#3: Elliott worked as a circus artist before joining CC9

Elliott grew up in a family of performers traveling through Mongolia. That’s where he acquired his unparalleled spontaneity and hat-balancing skills. Wearing a single hat, as he does on the poster, requires only 1% of his cerebellum’s total computational power!

#4: Yuliy started fake-smoking for the photo shoot

With the dedication of getting in shape for his demanding role, Yuliy picked up a habit of fake-smoking a pack of cigarettes per week. Look’s convincingly fake, doesn’t it? It’s a hard habit to kick, unfortunately, and we’re trying hard to stop him from not smoking ever since.

#5: Daisy and Alex rode a motorbike made out of air!

With the power of acting and photoshop! The motorbike that Daisy and Alex can be seen sitting on in the poster never really existed. Neither did Alex’s hands. Both were added in post-production from stock footage of professional motorcyclists safely riding their bikes. In fact, Alex’s dad insists that “if I ever catch Alex on a motorbike I will disown him” – good we cleared that one up in time.

#6: Mark is an undercover New Zealand Intelligence agent

We were all stumped when Mark put Charles in handcuffs during the photo shoot! Turns out that, and please don’t tell anyone for the sake of national security, Mark is a SIS agent tasked to bust wide-open a ring of French mustache shammers plaguing the New Zealand film business since years. It was all cleared up when we yanked hard on Charles’ mustache (see #2 above), and Mark let him go again.

Catcave9 is a monthly science improv show in Lausanne, Switzerland, realized by the Catalyst Theatre Company. We show every third Thursday in Cinema Oblò. Our next show is on September 21.


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